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Demo only nothing at this site is for sale.
Paying by Credit Card on the Internet

Here's how it works. 

When you indicate that you would like to but a meteorite over the Internet,
you will send us an e-mail or use the form below indicating so. To allow 
you to use your credit card securely, we will send you back a code number 
to use to encrypt your credit card number. The number will be 2 to 4 digits 
long, and you simply add it to your credit card number, and E-mail us that
number. The Creditcrypt number that we send you is unique to you, and we simply
subtract it from the encrypted credit card number that you send us back.
We will then have your correct credit card number. 

Here's an example: 
   1.We receive an e-mail from you indicating that you would like to
   2.We send you a code number, e.g. ADD 9103 
   3.You add that to your credit card number. 
          e.g. VISA 3231-7000-4021-2763 + 9103,    becomes
          3231-7000-4022-1866,    and that is the number that you send us. 
   4.We simply extract the correct number by subtracting 9103 from the
     number that you sent. 

This way, even if your credit card number is intercepted, it is totally
useless without the code.

Order form

1)Select payment method

I will mail a check
I will phone in credit card number

1)If CREDITCRYPT choose card


e-mail address

ITEM #'s